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Texas Ploud Home

Ploud for Public Libraries in Texas

    Ploud is short for Public Libraries in the Cloud, and it’s a free library website that staff from Texas public libraries can easily update and maintain themselves. Although having a library website in Texas is an accreditation requirement for public libraries, Ploud offers so much more than that

    Check out this short (3 min.) introductory video about Ploud I made, which you can watch here:

    Need any help with Ploud? Just holler at Henry! That’s me : I’m Henry Stokes, Library Technology Consultant at the Texas State Library, and I’m here to offer basic training, answer any questions you have, or provide refreshers.  You can contact me to schedule a one-on-one training over the phone when convenient. It usually takes less than an hour and I can share my screen so you can follow along.

    Did you know? There is also a Help Desk and Knowledge Base set up by Enfold Systems, the vendor of Ploud. This is like an online manual that has step-by-step instructions for how to do stuff in Ploud. Type something in the blank at the top and it will automatically bring up the articles. You can try it out yourself at:

    The staff at Enfold are also available to help you with your site via their online ticket system or by phone at their direct number. You can get a separate login to access their Help Desk to submit tickets and access the forums. Just contact Henry if you need help with that